Byssosphaeria, Chaetosphaeria, Niesslia and Ornatispora gen. nov., from palms

Hyde K.D. ; Goh T.K. ; Taylor J.E. ; Frohlich J. (1999)


Byssosphaeria, Chaetosphaeria and Niesslia are discussed and illustrated in relation to their occurrence on palms. New collections of B. schiedermayeriana are reported including Chaetosphaeria exima, which is a new synonym. Chaetosphaeria arecacensis, C. hongkongensis and C. palmicola spp. nov. are described and new collections of C. callimorpha are reported. Cryptophiale is reported as a new anamorph connection for Chaetosphaeria. Niesslia palmicola sp. nov. is described and new collections of N. exosporioides are recorded. Ornatispora gen. nov. is introduced to accommodate several Chaetosphaeria-like species from palms. In Ornatispora, ascomata are superficial, black, papillate, smooth-walled or covered in setae and paraphyses are filiform, non-septate and deliquesce in dried material. Asci are 8-spored, clavate, and lack an apical apparatus and deliquesce at maturity, while ascospores are ellipsoidal, 1-septate, hyaline, verrucose and surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath. One species is closely associated with Didymostilbe aurantiospora, which is considered to be the anamorph. Three new species of Ornatispora, and one new combination are described and illustrated. Ornatispora is compared with Bertia, Chaetosphaeria, Peethambara and Niesslia.

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