Fungi occurring on Proteaceae: New anamorphs for Teratosphaeria, Mycosphaerella and Lembosia, and other fungi associated with leaf spots and cankers of proteaceous hosts

Taylor J.E. ; Crous P.W. (2000)


Several fungi associated with leaf spots and stem cankers of Proteaceae are reported. The new species Kabatiella proteae, Phloeosporella protearum, Septoria grandicipis, Stilbospora proteae and Trimmatostroma elginensis are described. Several new teleomorph-anamorph connections are reported, including Mycosphaerella stromatosa and Pseudocercospora stromatosa, Teratosphaeria microsporum and Trimmatostroma microsporum, and Lembosia proteae and Clasterosporium proteae. Additional species described are Lophiostoma fuckelii and Verrucisporota proteacearum which are also newly recorded associated with leaf spots of Proteaceae in South Africa.

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