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    Luke and Yoder : an intertextual reading of the third gospel in the name of Christian politics [1]
    The maintenance of land as theological-ethical implication of the Sabbath year in Leviticus 25:1-7 [1]
    Messianic expectations as prophetic responses to crisis : a Zimbabwean perspective [1]
    Modern commentaries on the book of Exodus and their appropriateness in Africa [1]
    Natural law and human dignity in the Old Testament? : a case study of Isaiah 1:2-3 [1]
    Nurturing honour and shame in stories of the beginning in Genesis : biblical perspectives on human dignity according to cultures in southern Kaduna [1]
    Onesimus as slave in the Philemon letter : social and theological implications for Ethos and identity [1]
    Paul and empire : patronage in the Pauline rhetoric of 1 Corinthians 4:14-21 [1]
    The promise of land in the Old Testament : a theological-ethical study of its nature, conditions, and purpose [1]
    Promises of prosperity according to the Old Testament : a theological-ethical study [1]
    Purity : blessing or burden? [1]
    Reading Luke in impoverished communities : a social-scientific and feminist hermeneutical approach to Luke 1:39-56 and 4:16-30 [1]
    The relationship between Old Testament prophecy and nuer prophecy : a comparative theological study [1]
    The role of the Exodus motif in 1 Cor.10:1-13 : an intertextual study [1]
    The scope of the Old Testament and the nature of its theology : determining the object and subject of Old Testament theology by means of the Septuagint [1]
    Selibaat : die verstaan van die konsep van ʼn selibate leefstyl, vanuit 1 Korintiers 7:1-28, en die verantwoordelike gebruik van die konsep vandag [1]
    The song of Moses in the book of Revelation : allusions, memories, and identity [1]
    'n Struktuur-analities-eksegetiese-studie oor die besondere aard en betekenis van die bedevaartsliedere : Ps. 120-134 [1]
    Theocracy : reflections of the relationship between God and King in Samuel-Kings and Chronicles [1]
    Theological perspectives on land restoration in Leviticus 25:8-55 [1]