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    Baptism & identity : Pauline directives for Christian ethics [1]
    Bodies in the body of Christ : in search of a theological response to rape [1]
    Collective meaning and specific, prophetic reference in the parables of Matthew 13 [1]
    A community as a testamentary executor : the journey of Joseph’s bones from Egypt to the Promised Land [1]
    Crucifixion of masculinity : a gender critical (re)reading of the narrative of the cross as portrayed in the Gospel of Luke [1]
    Current perspectives on Wisdom in Job 28 [1]
    The daughters of Zelophehad : a Nigerian perspective on inheritance of land by women according to Numbers 27:1-11 [1]
    The Day of the Lord as reconciliation between judgement and salvation in the Book of the Twelve [1]
    Die “beklee-” metafoor by Paulus : semantiese valensie en teologiese belang op weg na ’n gesprek oor die doop [1]
    Dissipelskap: 'n uitdaging vir die Kerk van die een-en-twintigste eeu na aanleiding van die Markus-evangelie [1]
    “Do this in remembrance of Me :” The Christological and social significance of Luke 22:14-30 for restoring human dignity [1]
    Ephesians and Artemis : the influence of the religious climate of western Asia Minor of the first century AD on the content and terminology of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1:15-23 [1]
    The exodus and identity formation in view of the origin and migration narratives of the Yoruba [1]
    From time-bound to timeless : the rhetoric of lamentations and its appropriation [1]
    Geweld en Patriargie in Esegiel 16 en 23 in die Suid-Afrikaanse konteks van geweld teen vroue en kinders [1]
    Give us a king to govern us : an ideological reading of 1Samuel 8-12 [1]
    A hermeneutic of learned helplessness : the Bible as problem in pastoral care [1]
    Hermeneutiek van inklusiwiteit : Handelinge 15 as Bybelse raamwerk vir aanvaarding van die homoseksuele persoon binne die Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk in Suider Afrika (VGKSA) [1]
    Jesus and his Apostles as prophets par excellence in Luke - Acts [1]
    Luke and Yoder : an intertextual reading of the third gospel in the name of Christian politics [1]