Comparison of meat quality characteristics between young and old ostriches

Hoffman L.C. ; Fisher P. (2001)


Comparison of CIELAB colour values of the m. iliofibularis derived from 14 month old and 8 year old ostriches have indicated that an increase in age is accompanied with a significant (P<0.001) reduction in reflectance (L*) and a signiffcant increase in both a* (P<0.001) and b* (P<0.05) values, the meat thus becoming darker and redder with increased age. Comparison with results found in scientific literature suggest that, similar to other species, toughness also increases with age. Warner Bratzler values of the older ostriches were also higher than published results of 14 month old birds (4.44 kg/1.27 cm dia vs. 5.26 kg/1.27 cm dia). Intramuscular fatty acid composition and content of the older ostriches did not suggest any large variations compared with published results for younger (14 month old) ostriches. © 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd.

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