Quality characteristics of low fat ostrich meat patties formulated with either pork lard or modified corn starch, soya isolate and water

Hoffman L.C. ; Mellett F.D. (2003)


A trained taste panel could not distinguish (P>0.05) between ostrich meat patties containing either 10% pork lard or 10% of a modified starch/protein isolate (fat replacer) mixture. The panel could distinguish between the types of ostrich muscle/meat cuts used with a significant (p<0.05) number preferring ostrich patties made from meat containing a higher collagen content (±3% vs < 1%). The chemical analysis of the patties showed that within the meat classes (Class fillet - de-membraned, Class A - very lean off-cuts and Class B - off-cuts containing visual connective tissue and some fat), the patties containing the pork fat had a +6% higher total fat content than those containing the fat replacer. The fatty acid profiles of the various products were in accordance with the meat type and fat or fat replacer used. The mineral profile was as expected for lean ostrich meat that had spices added. It is concluded that fat replacers can be used successfully for the production of low fat ostrich patties without any negative quality attributes being perceived. © 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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