The systematic development of Wiegand's metalexicography as demonstrated in Kleine Schriften

Smit M. (2002)


This review article deals with the contents of the publication Kleine Schriften, a selection of articles written by Herbert Ernst Wiegand and compiled by Matthias Kammerer and Werner Wolski. It purports to illustrate the topics with which Wiegand engaged himself over the years, and his gradual development over a span of thirty years. Wiegand has written on many topics, but in this article mainly two aspects are discussed. Firstly, Wiegand's spelling out of an "actional-semantic approach" to lexicography is explained. He investigates the works of many authors, sometimes drawing on them, and sometimes refuting their arguments. Secondly, Wiegand's construction of a detailed text theory for lexicographical texts is discussed. Wiegand is one of the most important theoretical lexicographers of our time, and his suggestions towards metalexicographical terminology and distinctions form an essential part of present-day lexicographical practices and planning across the world.

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