SBSE-GC-ECD/FPD in the analysis of pesticide residues in Passiflora alata Dryander herbal teas

Bicchi C. ; Cordero C. ; Iori C. ; Rubiolo P. ; Sandra P. ; Yariwake J.H. ; Zuin V.G. (2003)


Stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE) in combination with GC-ECD/FPD analysis is here applied to the determination of the residues of 11 pesticides (hexachlorobenzene, lindane, chlorothalonil, parathion methyl, parathion ethyl, fenitrothion, malathion, dieldrin, α- and β-endosulfan, and tetradifon) in herbal teas prepared with Passiflora alata Dryander spiked leaves. The method was optimized using spiked herbal teas in a range from 0.05 to 1 pg/μL for organochlorine pesticides and from 0.15 to 3 pg/μL for organophosphorus pesticides. The method is reproducible and repeatable with recoveries calculated from herbal teas prepared with spiked plant material versus spiked herbal teas, varying from about 30% for tetradifon to about 90% for parathion methyl and malathion. The limits of quantitation (LOQs) ranged from 0.017 pg/μL for lindane to 0.117 pg/μL for malathion.

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