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Research Articles (Family Medicine and Primary Care)


Recent Submissions

  • Emergency contraceptive knowledge, attitudes and practices among female students at the University of Botswana : a descriptive survey 

    Kgosiemang, Bobby; Blitz, Julia (AOSIS publishing, 2018-09)
    Background: Unintended pregnancies are associated with unsafe abortions and maternal deaths, particularly in countries such as Botswana, where abortion is illegal. Many of these unwanted pregnancies could be avoided by ...

  • Training of workplace-based clinical trainers in family medicine, South Africa : before-and-after evaluation 

    Mash, Robert; Blitz, Julia; Edwards, Jill; Mowle, Steve (AOSIS publishing, 2018-05)
    Background: The training of family physicians is a relatively new phenomenon in the district health services of South Africa. There are concerns about the quality of clinical training and the low pass rate in the national ...

  • The views of key stakeholders in Zimbabwe on the introduction of postgraduate family medicine training : a qualitative study 

    Sururu, Cherifa; Mash, Robert (AOSIS publishing, 2017-9)
    Background: Strengthening primary health care (PHC) is a priority for all effective health systems, and family physicians are seen as a key member of the PHC team. Zimbabwe has joined a number of African countries that ...

  • Reaching national consensus on the core clinical skill outcomes for family medicine postgraduate training programmes in South Africa 

    Akoojee, Yusuf; Mash, Robert (AOSIS publishing, 2017-5)
    Background: Family physicians play a significant role in the district health system and need to be equipped with a broad range of clinical skills in order to meet the needs and expectations of the communities they serve. ...

  • Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors amongst women attending antenatal care at Outapi clinic, Namibia : a descriptive survey 

    Bikinesi, Leonard T.; Mash, Robert; Joyner, Kate (AOSIS publishing, 2017-12)
    Background: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant and largely hidden public health problem for all women and, during pregnancy, can have significant effects on the health of both mother and the unborn baby. ...

  • Improving access to health care in a rural regional hospital in South Africa : why do patients miss their appointments 

    Frost, Lucy; Jenkins, Louis S.; Emmink, Benjamin (AOSIS publishing, 2017-03)
    Background: Access to health services is one of the Batho Pele (‘people first’) values and principles of the South African government since 1997. This necessitated some changes around public service systems, procedures, ...

  • Examining the influence of family physician supply on district health system performance in South Africa: An ecological analysis of key health indicators 

    Von Pressentin, Klaus B.; Mash, Robert J.; Esterhuizen, Tonya M. (AOSIS publishing, 2017-04)
    Background: The supply of appropriate health workers is a key building block in the World Health Organization’s model of effective health systems. Primary care teams are stronger if they contain doctors with postgraduate ...

  • Evaluating the effect of the practical approach to Care Kit on teaching medical students primary care : quasi-experimental study 

    Mash, Robert; Pather, Michael; Rhode, Hilary; Fairall, Lara (AOSIS publishing, 2017-12)
    Background: South Africa is committed to health reforms that strengthen primary health care. Preparing future doctors to work in primary care teams with other professionals is a priority, and medical schools have shifted ...

  • How well do public sector primary care providers function as medical generalists in Cape Town : a descriptive survey 

    Christoffels, Renaldo; Mash, Bob (BioMed Central, 2018-07-19)
    Background: Effective primary health care requires a workforce of competent medical generalists. In South Africa nurses are the main primary care providers, supported by doctors. Medical generalists should practice ...

  • Decentralised training for medical students : towards a South African consensus 

    De Villiers, Marietjie R.; Blitz, Julia; Couper, Ian; Kent, Athol; Moodley, Kalavani; Talib, Zohray; Van Schalkwyk, Susan; Young, Taryn (AOSIS publishing, 2017-09)
    Introduction: Health professions training institutions are challenged to produce greater numbers of graduates who are more relevantly trained to provide quality healthcare. Decentralised training offers opportunities to ...

  • Critical reflections on a visit to an inner-city primary health care clinic in Rio de Janeiro 

    Jenkins, Louis S.; Goldraich, Marcos A. (AOSIS publishing, 2017-07)
    Introduction: Brazil and South Africa share many sociodemographic and health features that provide many learning opportunities. Brazil’s national health system, the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) prioritises primary health ...

  • Undergraduate family medicine and primary care training in Sub-Saharan Africa: Reflections of the PRIMAFAMED network 

    Besigye, Innocent; Mash, Robert; Essuman, Akye; Flinkenflogel, Maaike (AOSIS publishing, 2017-01)
    Internationally, there is a move towards strengthening primary healthcare systems and encouraging community-based and socially responsible education. The development of doctors with an interest in primary healthcare and ...

  • An exploration of the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Xhosa men concerning traditional circumcision 

    Froneman, Salome; Kapp, Paul A. (AOSIS publishing, 2017-10)
    Background: The practice of traditional circumcision is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality, yet there is a paucity of literature that provides an understanding of the cultural values that influence men ...

  • The perceived impact of family physicians on the district health system in South Africa : a cross-sectional survey 

    Von Pressentin, Klaus B.; Mash, Robert J.; Baldwin-Ragaven, Laurel; Botha, Roelf Petrus Gerhardus; Govender, Indiran; Steinberg, Wilhelm Johannes; Esterhuizen, Tonya M. (BioMed Central, 2018-02-05)
    Background: Evidence from first world contexts support the notion that strong primary health care teams contain family physicians (FPs). African leaders are looking for evidence from their own context. The roles and scope ...

  • Decentralised training for medical students : a scoping review 

    De Villiers, Marietjie; Van Schalkwyk, Susan; Blitz, Julia; Couper, Ian; Moodley, Kalavani; Talib, Zohray; Young, Taryn (BioMed Central, 2017-11-09)
    Background: Increasingly, medical students are trained at sites away from the tertiary academic health centre. A growing body of literature identifies the benefits of decentralised clinical training for students, the ...

  • A reflection on the practical implementation of the clinical governance framework in the Cape Winelands District of the Western Cape 

    Gunst, Colette; Mash, Robert J.; Phillips, Lizette Cathleen (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Primary health care is seen as the ‘linchpin of effective health care delivery’ by the Western Cape Government Health services and improving the quality of primary care, through clinical governance, is a ...

  • The case for behavioural change counselling for the prevention of NCDs and improvement of self-management of chronic conditions 

    Murphya, K. M.; Mash, R.; Malan, Z. (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    Brief behaviour change counselling (BBCC) that is integrated into routine health care has been shown to be effective in helping patients modify risk behaviours for non-communicable disease (NCD), improve self-management ...

  • Leadership and governance : learning outcomes and competencies required of the family physician in the district health system 

    Mash, R.; Blitz, J.; Mala, Z.; Von Pressentin, K. (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    The South African National Development Plan expects the family physician to be a leader of clinical governance within the district health services. The family physician must also help to strengthen the services through ...

  • Evaluating point-of-care testing for glycosylated haemoglobin in public sector primary care facilities in the Western Cape, South Africa 

    Mash, R.; Ugoagwu, A.; Vos, C.; Rensburg, M.; Erasmus, R. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2016)
    Background. Diabetes mellitus contributes significantly to the burden of disease in South Africa (SA). Monitoring of glycaemic control with glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) is recommended, even though current laboratory-based ...

  • Examining the effects of a mindfulnessbased distance learning professional training module on personal and professional functioning : a qualitative study 

    Whitesman, Simon; Mash, Robert (BioMed Central, 2016)
    Background: Training people to deliver mindfulness-based interventions (MBI) is becoming an important activity as mindfulness has been shown to have clinical benefits across a variety of conditions. Training courses must ...

  • The healthy primary school of the future : study protocol of a quasi-experimental study 

    Willeboordse, M.; Jansen, M. W.; Van Den Heijkan, S. N.; Simons, A.; Winkens, B.; De Groot, R. H. M.; Bartelink, N.; Kremers, S. P.; Van Assema, P.; Savelberg, H. H.; De Neubourg, E.; Borghans, L.; Schils, T.; Coppens, K. M.; Dietvorst, R.; Ten Hoopen, R.; Coomans, F.; Klosse, S.; Conjaerts, M. H. J.; Oosterhoff, M.; Joore, M. A.; Ferreira, I.; Muris, P.; Bosma, H.; Toppenberg, H. L.; Van Schayck, C. P. (BioMed Central, 2016)
    Background: Unhealthy lifestyles in early childhood are a major global health challenge. These lifestyles often persist from generation to generation and contribute to a vicious cycle of health-related and social ...

  • How to create more supportive supervision for primary healthcare: lessons from Ngamiland district of Botswana : co-operative inquiry group 

    Nkomazana, Oathokwa; Mash, Robert; Wojczewski, Silvia; Kutalek, Ruth; Phaladze, Nthabiseng (Taylor & Francis Open, 2016)
    Background : Supportive supervision is a way to foster performance, productivity, motivation, and retention of health workforce. Nevertheless there is a dearth of evidence of the impact and acceptability of supportive ...

  • The contribution of family medicine to African health systems 

    Mash, Robert (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : No abstract available.

  • Community oriented primary care 

    Govender, Srini (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : This review looks at two closely related books by the same author on community-oriented primary care (COPC). The review features two books by Tessa S. Marcus that are titled: "Community oriented primary ...

  • Whole person medicine: psychosocial issues in primary care 

    Mash, Robert (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : No abstract available.

  • Improving diabetic foot screening at a primary care clinic : a quality improvement project 

    Allen, Michelle L.; Van Der Does, Albertine M. B.; Gunst, Colette (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Background: Foot screening is an important part of diabetic care as it prevents significant morbidity, loss of function and mortality from diabetic foot complications. However, foot screening is often ...

  • How to change organisational culture : action research in a South African public sector primary care facility 

    Mash, Robert; De Sa, Angela; Christodoulou, Maria (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Background: Organisational culture is a key factor in both patient and staff experience of the healthcare services. Patient satisfaction, staff engagement and performance are related to this experience. ...

  • Proceedings of the 13th annual conference of INEBRIA 

    Watson, Rod; Morris, James; Isitt, John; Barrio, Pablo; Ortega, Lluisa; Gual, Antoni; Conner, Kenneth; Stecker, Tracy; Maisto, Stephen; Paroz, Sophie; Graap, Caroline; Grazioli, Veronique S.; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard; Collins, Susan E.; Bertholet, Nicolas; McNeely, Jennifer; Kushnir, Vlad; Cunningham, John A.; Crombie, Iain K.; Cunningham, Kathryn B.; Irvine, Linda; Williams, Brian; Sniehotta, Falko F.; Norrie, John; Melson, Ambrose; Jones, Claire; Briggs, Andrew; Rice, Peter; Achison, Marcus; McKenzie, Andrew; Dimova, Elena; Slane, Peter W.; Grazioli, Véronique S.; Collins, Susan E.; Paroz, Sophie; Graap, Caroline; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard; Baggio, Stephanie; Dupuis, Marc; Studer, Joseph; Gmel, Gerhard; Magill, Molly; Grazioli, Veronique S.; Tait, Robert J.; Teoh, Lucinda; Kelty, Erin; Geelhoed, Elizabeth; Mountain, David; Hulse, Gary K.; Renko, Elina; Mitchell, Shannon G.; Lounsbury, David; Li, Zhi; Schwartz, Robert P.; Gryczynski, Jan; Kirk, Arethusa S.; Oros, Marla; Hosler, Colleen; Dusek, Kristi; Brown, Barry S.; Finnell, Deborah S.; Holloway, Aisha; Wu, Li-Tzy; Subramaniam, Geetha; Sharma, Gaurav; Wallhed Finn, Sara; Andreasson, Sven; Dvorak, Robert D.; Kramer, Matthew P.; Stevenson, Brittany L.; Sargent, Emily M.; Kilwein, Tess M.; Harris, Sion K.; Sherritt, Lon; Copelas, Sarah; Knight, John R.; Mdege, Noreen D.; McCambridge, Jim; Bischof, Gallus; Bischof, Anja; Freyer-Adam, Jennis; Rumpf, Hans-Juergen; Fitzgerald, Niamh; Scholin, Lisa; Toner, Paul; Böhnke, Jan R.; Veach, Laura J.; Currin, Olivia; Dongre, Leigh Z.; Miller, Preston R.; White, Elizabeth; Williams, Emily C.; Lapham, Gwen T.; Bobb, Jennifer J.; Rubinsky, Anna D.; Catz, Sheryl L.; Shortreed, Susan; Bensley, Kara M.; Bradley, Katharine A.; Milward, Joanna; Deluca, Paolo; Khadjesari, Zarnie; Watson, Rod; Fincham-Campbell, Stephanie; Drummond, Colin; Angus, Kathryn; Bauld, Linda; Baumann, Sophie; Haberecht, Katja; Schnuerer, Inga; Meyer, Christian; Rumpf, Hans-Jürgen; John, Ulrich; Gaertner, Beate; Barrault-Couchouron, Marion; Béracochea, Marion; Allafort, Vincent; Barthelemy, Valerie; Bonnefoi, Herve; Bussieres, Emmanuel; Garguil, Veronique; Auriacombe, Marc; Saint-Jacques, Marianne; Dorval, Michel; M’Bailara, Katia; Segura-Garcia, Lidia; Ibanez-Martinez, Nuria; Mendive-Arbeloa, Juan M.; Anoro-Perminger, Manel; Diaz-Gallego, Pako; Pinar-Mateos, M. Angeles; Colom-Farran, Joan; Deligianni, Marianthi; Yersin, Bertrand; Adam, Angeline; Weisner, Constance; Chi, Felicia; Lu, Wendy; Sterling, Stacy; Kraemer, Kevin L.; McGinnis, Kathleen A.; Fiellin, David A.; Skanderson, Melissa; Gordon, Adam J.; Robbins, Jonathan; Zickmund, Susan; Korthuis, P. T.; Edelman, E. J.; Hansen, Nathan B.; Cutter, Christopher J.; Dziura, James; Fiellin, Lynn E.; O’Connor, Patrick G.; Maisto, Stephen A.; Bedimo, Roger; Gilbert, Cynthia; Marconi, Vincent C.; Rimland, David; Rodriguez-Barradas, Maria; Simberkoff, Michael; Justice, Amy C.; Bryant, Kendall J.; Berman, Anne H.; Shorter, Gillian W.; Bray, Jeremy W.; Barbosa, Carolina; Johansson, Magnus; Hester, Reid; Campbell, William; Souza Formigoni, Maria L. O.; Andrade, Andre L. M.; Sartes, Laisa M. A.; Sundström, Christopher; Eék, Niels; Kraepelien, Martin; Kaldo, Viktor; Fahlke, Claudia; Hernandez, Lynn; Becker, Sara J.; Jones, Richard N.; Graves, Hannah R.; Spirito, Anthony; Diestelkamp, Silke; Wartberg, Lutz; Arnaud, Nicolas; Thomasius, Rainer; Gaume, Jacques; Grazioli, Veronique; Fortini, Cristiana; Malan, Zelra; Mash, Bob; Everett-Murphy, Katherine; Grazioli, Veronique S.; Studer, Joseph; Mohler-Kuo, M.; Bertholet, Nicolas; Gmel, Gerhard; Doi, Lawrence; Cheyne, Helen; Jepson, Ruth; Luna, Vanesa; Echeverria, Leticia; Morales, Silvia; Barroso, Teresa; Abreu, Angela; Aguiar, Cosma; Stewart, Duncan; Abreu, Angela; Brites, Riany M.; Jomar, Rafael; Marinho, Gerson; Parreira, Pedro; Seale, J. P.; Johnson, J. A.; Henry, Dena; Chalmers, Sharon; Payne, Freida; Tuck, Linda; Morris, Akula; Goncalves, Catia; Besser, Bettina; Casajuana, Cristina; Lopez-Pelayo, Hugo; Balcells, Maria M.; Teixido, Lidia; Miquel, Laia; Colom, Joan; Hepner, Kimberly A.; Hoggatt, Katherine. J.; Bogart, Andy; Paddock, Susan. M.; Hardoon, Sarah L.; Petersen, Irene; Hamilton, Fiona L.; Nazareth, Irwin; White, Ian R.; Marston, Louise; Wallace, Paul; Godfrey, Christine; Murray, Elizabeth; Sovinova, Hana; Csemy, Ladislav (Biomed Central, 2016-09)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Meeting abstracts.

  • An assessment of the HIV/TB knowledge and skills of home-based carers working in the North West province in South Africa : a cross-sectional study 

    Engelbrecht, Justin G.; Letsoalo, Mabjala R.; Chirowodza, Admire C. (BioMed Central, 2017-04-19)
    Background Home-based carers (HBCs) play a critical role in ensuring the success of the primary health care re-engineering strategy in South Africa. Their role includes ensuring improved access to and delivery of primary ...

  • The roles and training of primary care doctors : China, India, Brazil and South Africa 

    Mash, Robert; Almeida, Magda; Wong, William C. W.; Kumar, Raman; Von Pressentin, Klaus B. (BioMed Central, 2015-12-04)
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : China, India, Brazil and South Africa contain 40% of the global population and are key emerging economies. All these countries have a policy commitment to universal health coverage with an emphasis on ...

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