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    Understanding pedestrian crossing behaviour : a case study in the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Understanding the effects of mineralogy, ore texture and microwave power delivery on microwave treatment of ores. [1]
    Understanding the pwm non-linearity [1]
    A unified strategy for windup prevention in control systems with multiple saturating actuators [1]
    A unit stream power model for the prediction of local scour [1]
    An unmanned aircraft system for maritime search and rescue [1]
    Unsteady flow conditions at dam bottom outlet works due to air entrainment during gate closure : Berg River dam model [1]
    Unsupervised clustering of audio data for acoustic modelling in automatic speech recognition systems [1]
    Upgrading of a radar system to implement a firmware based pulse compressor [1]
    USB telephony interface device for speech recognition applications [1]
    The use of classification methods for gross error detection in process data [1]
    The use of ion-exchange resins for the recovery of valuable species from slurries of sparingly soluble solids [1]
    A user interface for a seven degree of freedom surgical robot [1]
    Using a filter-based SQP algorithm in a parallel environment [1]
    Using ad hoc wireless networks to enable intelligent transport systems: the design and analysis of the TH(O)RP routing protocol [1]
    Using knowledge networks to support innovation [1]
    Using Micro-Doppler radar signals for human gait detection [1]
    Using population-based incremental learning to optimize feasible distribution logistic solutions [1]
    Using synthetic fibres in concrete to control drying shrinkage cracking in concrete slabs-on-grade [1]
    The utilisation of the ash disposal system as a salt sink : enhancement and optimisation of chemical interactions [1]