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    Radiation tolerant implementation of a soft-core processor for space applications [1]
    Rapid 3D measurement using digital video cameras [1]
    Rapid single flux quantum very large scale integration [1]
    Rapid Tooling and the LOMOLD Process [1]
    The rating of compound sharp-crested weirs under modular and non-modular flow conditions [1]
    Reactive absorption kinetics of CO2 in alcoholic solutions of MEA: fundamental knowledge for determining effective interfacial mass transfer area [1]
    The reactive absorption of CO2 into solutions of MEA/2-propanol [1]
    Real-time management of river systems by using a hydrodynamic model with optimisation [1]
    Real-Time Model Development for the Full River System [1]
    Real-time Software Hand Pose Recognition using Single View Depth Images [1]
    The realisation of the solar chimney inlet guide vanes [1]
    Recombinant Hepatitis B surface antigen production in Aspergillus niger [1]
    The recommendation and validation of an appropriate physical asset management policy for Prasa’s Metrorail division [1]
    Recovery of dissolved platinum group metals from a pregnant copper sulphate leach solution by precipitation [1]
    Reducing PM eddy current rotor losses by partial magnet and rotor yoke segmentation [1]
    Reducing risks in large scale projects : investigating the integration of systems engineering principles into project management [1]
    Reducing the total cost of ownership of mining haul trucks [1]
    Reduction of seawall overtopping at the Strand [1]
    Reduction of the antenna coupling in a bi-static, FM-CW radar system [1]
    Reflex sensors for telemedicine applications [1]