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    Parallel algorithms for electromagnetic moment method formulations [1]
    Parallel paradigms in optimal structural design [1]
    Parameter extraction of superconducting integrated circuits [1]
    A parametric monophone speech synthesis system [1]
    Particle deflection and plate-out dynamics in a helium stream [1]
    A passive suspension system for a hydrofoil supported catamaran [1]
    Path planning for an unmanned terrestrial vehicle in an obstacle ridden environment [1]
    PAVDAM - probabilistic and volumetric design of asphalt mixtures [1]
    Paving the way for the use of prediction modelling in a health care environment [1]
    Paving the way for the use of prediction modelling in a hospital environment [1]
    Performance and thermo-mechanical cost evaluation of API 661 air-cooled heat exchangers [1]
    Performance characteristics of an air-cooled steam condenser incorporating a hybrid (dry/wet) dephlegmator [1]
    Performance characteristics of packed bed thermal energy storage for solar thermal power plants [1]
    Performance Characterization of Cement Treated Sand Base Material of Mozambique [1]
    A performance comparison of media access control protocols for vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) [1]
    Performance evaluation of a micro gas turbine centrifugal compressor diffuser [1]
    Performance evaluation of a solar chimney power plant [1]
    Performance evaluation of natural draught cooling towers with anisotropic fills [1]
    Performance evaluation of neighbor-awareness at the Media Access Control (MAC) layer for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) [1]
    Performance evaluation of wet-cooling tower fills with computational fluid dynamics [1]