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    Object recognition and automatic selection in a Robotic Sorting Cell [1]
    Object – oriented Steel Member Design Framework [1]
    Object-oriented steel connection design framework [1]
    The occurrence and extent of collapse settlement in residual granite in the Stellenbosch area [1]
    On monitoring and intelligence in an integrated manufacturing system [1]
    On prerequisites to large scale rollout of CSP in Southern Africa : models, plants and resources [1]
    On the use of WiMAX and Wi-Fi in a VANET to provide in-vehicle connectivity and media distribution [2]
    On-board image quality assessment for a satellite [1]
    On-line analysis of the stability and other features of froths and foams by use of digital image processing [1]
    On-line monitoring of base metals solutions in flotation using diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry [1]
    On-line monitoring of hydrocyclones by use of image analysis [1]
    Onboard image geo-referencing for LEO satellites [1]
    Online system identification for fault tolerant control of unmanned aerial vehicles [1]
    Die ontwikkeling van 'n pasklaar-vervaardigde kunsmatige intervertebrale skyf-implantaat [1]
    Oorsake van padongelukke met verwysing na die R44 tussen Somerset-Wes en Klapmuts [1]
    Operations research in telemedicine [1]
    Opportunities for in-line, transistorbased technologies on MV and LV power distribution networks [1]
    Optimal design of Orthotropic Piezoelectric membranes and plates using particle swarms [1]
    Optimal topology and critical evaluation of slip synchronous permanent magnet wind generator [1]
    Optimisation methods applied to compensator placement [1]