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    'n Ondersoek na die geskiktheid van 'n datavloeiverwerker as 'n herstruktureerbare spesiale verwerker [1]
    National innovation system : South Africa and China compared [1]
    Natural balancing mechanisms in converters [1]
    Natural balancing of multicell converters [1]
    Natural balancing of the neutral-point-clamped converter [1]
    Natural balancing of three-phase 2-cell and 3-cell multicell converters [1]
    Near-optimum cost minimisation of transporting bioenergy carriers from source to intermediate distributors [1]
    A needle positioning system for percutaneous procedures [1]
    A network traffic analysis tool for the prediction of perceived VoIP call quality [1]
    Neural network models of slotted waveguide directional couplers [1]
    A neurocontrol paradigm for intelligent process control using evolutionary reinforcement learning [1]
    Neurocontroller development for nonlinear processes utilising evolutionary reinforcement learning [1]
    Neutral-point-clamped shunt active filter [1]
    The new product development process : small firm success by studying larger firms [1]
    Nie-destruktiewe klankonttrekking, restourasie en spraakverheffing van Edison-fonograafsilinders [1]
    Non-acoustic speaker recognition [1]
    Non-destructive measurement of internal fruit quality using SQUID-NMR techniques [1]
    The non-destructive measurement of the radio frequency properties of hard rock borehole cores [1]
    Non-destructive testing of capless porcelain line post insulators to detect internal defects [1]
    Non-invasive artificial pulse oximetry : development & testing [1]