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    Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in vehicular networks [1]
    Machining of powder metal titanium [1]
    Managerial support for an optometry practice : a business analytics study [1]
    The manufacture and evaluation of ceramic membranes [1]
    Manufacturing intelligence : a dissemination of intelligent manufacturing principles with specific application [1]
    Marine renewable energy resource [1]
    Markerless augmented reality on ubiquitous mobile devices with integrated sensors [1]
    Mass transfer in structured packing [1]
    Material characterisation and response modelling of recycled concrete and masonry in pavements [1]
    Material models for rail pads [1]
    Mathematical modelling of sediment transport dynamics in the Berg River considering current and future water resources development scenarios [1]
    Mathematical Modelling of Water Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield in Large Catchments [1]
    A mathematical modelling study of fluid flow and mixing in gas stirred ladles [1]
    Matrix manipulation to study ECC behaviour [1]
    Measurement and behavior of the overall volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient in aerated agitated alkane based multiphase systems [1]
    The measurement of radio frequency complex permeability of thin round wires [1]
    Measurement of surface tension in base metal sulphide mattes by an improved sessile drop method [1]
    Measuring the dielectric properties of crushed copper ore [1]
    Measuring, refining and calibrating speaker and language information extracted from speech [1]
    Mechanical and structural characterisation of extrusion moulded SHCC [1]