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    Kinodynamic planning for a fixed-wing aircraft in dynamic, cluttered environments : a local planning method using implicitly-defined motion primitives [1]
    Knowledge and acceptance of male circumcision as an HIV prevention procedure among plantation workers at Border Limited, Zimbabwe [1]
    A knowledge management framework to grow innovation capability maturity [2]
    Laboratory accelerated curing protocol for bitumen stabilized materials [1]
    Labyrinth weir hydraulics : validation of CFD modelling [1]
    Land-use transport strategies to cope with suburbanisation [1]
    Language identification using Gaussian mixture models [1]
    Lateral support of axially loaded columns in portal frame structures provided by sheeting rails [1]
    An LDPC error control strategy for low earth orbit satellite communication link applications [1]
    Leaching of Ni-Cu-Fe-S Peirce Smith converter matte : effects of the Fe-endpoint and leaching conditions on kinetics and mineralogy. [1]
    Leaching of nickel laterite with a solution of ammonia and ammonium carbonate utilizing solids liquid separation under pressure [1]
    Left ventricular segmentation from MRI datasets with edge modelling conditional random fields [1]
    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of various solar heat technologies [1]
    Lightning protection and radio frequency interference mitigation for the Karoo Array Telescope [1]
    Linearisation of an FM-CW 94.5 GHz millimeter-wave radar [1]
    A liquefied gas thruster for a micro satellite [1]
    Liquid petroleum gas as automotive fuel in South Africa [1]
    The long term impact of the Seli One shipwreck on the Table Bay beaches [1]
    Longbeach Mall : traffic impact assessment [1]
    Longshore sediment transport : applied wave power approach, field data analysis and evaluation of formulae [1]