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    Identification of extraction methods for the production of humic acids from black liquor [1]
    Identifying and quantifying maintenance improvement opportunities in physcial asset management [1]
    Identifying the optimum storage capacity for a 100-MWe concentrating solar power plant in South Africa [1]
    Identifying trends and relationships between key performance indicators to aid municipal mangement and decision making [1]
    Identity confidence estimation of manoeuvring aircraft [1]
    Image processing techniques for sector scan sonar [1]
    Image texture analysis for inferential sensing in the process industries [1]
    The immobilisation of organic waste by geopolymerisation [1]
    The impact of climate change on hydrological predictions, with specific reference to 24-hour rainfall intensities in the Western Cape [1]
    Impact assessment of energy-efficient lighting interventions [1]
    The impact of climate change effects on the planform of a headland-bay beach on the southern coast of South Africa [1]
    Impact of cultivar selection and process optimization on ethanol yield from different varieties of sugarcane [1]
    Impact of Neighbor Awareness at the MAC Layer in a Vehicular Ad-hoc NETwork (VANET) [1]
    Impact response of a continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic from a soft bodied projectile [1]
    Impermeable recurve seawalls to reduce wave overtopping [1]
    An implementation and management framework for cluster initiatives in South Africa [1]
    Implementation of a Low-cost FM-CW Radar [1]
    Implementation of a protocol and channel coding strategy for use in ground-satellite applications [1]
    Implementation of a proton therapy supervisory system for iThemba Labs [1]
    Implementation of a two-stream-fan in the CIRSTEL system [1]