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    GaN microwave power FET nonlinear modelling techniques [1]
    Generalised density function estimation using moments and the characteristic function [1]
    A generic business model and management information system for quick ERP implementation in a project-driven SME [1]
    A generic, semi-empirical approach to the stochastic modelling of bath-type pyrometallurgical reactors [1]
    GPU acceleration of matrix-based methods in computational electromagnetics [1]
    Grey water reclamation utilising solar thermal energy [1]
    Handwritten signature verification : a hidden Markov model approach [1]
    Handwritten signature verification using hidden Markov models [1]
    Harmonic interaction between weak AC systems and VSC-based HVDC schemes [1]
    A health systems engineering approach to meeting the demand for skilled foetal ultrasound services in the Boland/Overberg public health district [1]
    Helicopter tail boom vibration analysis and suppression [1]
    A heliostat field control system [1]
    High accuracy numerical model of the SALT mirror support truss [1]
    High power LDMOS L-band radar amplifiers [1]
    High pressure fluid phase equilibria [1]
    High temperature phase equilibria in the Fe-Co-Cu-Si system pertinent to slag cleaning [1]
    High voltage DC-DC converter using a series stacked topology [1]
    High-power broadband absorptive waveguide filters [1]
    High-Temperature Superconductor Step-Edge Fabrication for the Implementation of RSFQ Circuits [1]
    hiResilient response and performance of bitumen stabilized materials with foam incorporating reclaimed asphalt [1]