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    Bacterial production of antimicrobial biosurfactants [1]
    Bacterial production of antimicrobial biosurfactants by Bacillus subtilis. [1]
    Baseband compensation principles for defects in quadrature signal conversion and processing [1]
    The behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete (SHCC) under biaxial compression and tension [1]
    The behaviour of strain-hardening cement composites under biaxial compression [1]
    Benchmarking full-body inertial motion capture for clinical gait analysis [1]
    Benchmarking in the South African tool and die manufacturing industry [1]
    Bend diversion to minimise sediment intake [1]
    Benefits to processor load for quadrature baseband versus radio frequency demodulation algorithms [1]
    Best practice of crane support structures design : an expert survey [1]
    A bi-directional, direct conversion converter for use in household renewable energy systems [1]
    Bidirectional converter for a stirling energy system [1]
    The bio-disposal of lignocellulose substances with activated sludge [1]
    Biochar from vacuum pyrolysis of agricultural residues : characterisation and its applications. [1]
    Bioconversion of alkylbenzenes by Yarrowia lipolytica [1]
    Biodiesel analytical development and characterisation. [1]
    Bird song recognition with hidden Markov models [1]
    Blade row and blockage modelling in an axial compressor throughflow code [1]
    Bore sight error analysis in seeker antennas : a fully functional GUI interfaced ray tracing solution [1]
    A Bore-sight Motion Detection Algorithm for Satellite Attitude Control [1]