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    10 kW L-Band planar power combiner [1]
    2D Modelling of turbulant transport of cohesive sediments in shallow reservoirs [1]
    3-Axis geomagnetic magnetometer system design using superconducting quantum interference devices [1]
    3-D face recognition [1]
    3D tracking between satellites using monocular computer vision [1]
    3D-feature recogntion from measured data [1]
    A computational architecture for real-time systems [1]
    A multi-mode attitude determination and control system for small satellites [1]
    Accelerated testing of an asphalt pavement with the third-scale model mobile load simulator (MMLS3) [1]
    Acceleration based manoeuvre flight control system for unmanned aerial vehicles [2]
    Accurate autonomous landing of a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle [1]
    Accurate modelling and realisation of a 4th generation wireless communication system [1]
    Active capacitor voltage stabilisation in a medium-voltage flying-capacitor multilevel active filter [1]
    An active receiving antenna for borehole pulsed radar applications [1]
    Adaptation, optimisation and simulation of the CSMA/CA protocol for a low earth orbit satellite UHF link [1]
    Adsorptive separations in the production of neutral wine alcohol [1]
    Advanced control with semi-empirical and data based modelling for falling film evaporators [1]
    Advanced modelling of a borehole radar environment with the finite difference time domain method [1]
    Advanced take-off and flight control algorithms for fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles [1]
    Advantages associated with the implementation and integration of environmental management systems in small manufacturing businesses [1]