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    The design of a single rotor axial flow fan for a cooling tower application [1]
    Design of a single-sided axial flux PM in-wheel electric vehicle machine with non-overlap stator windings [1]
    The design of a telemetry system for Grumeti reserves [1]
    The design of a two-element correlation interferometer operating at L-band [1]
    Design of an ad hoc wireless network for wildlife telemetry tracking in the Cederberg [1]
    Design of an aerodynamic attitude control system for a CubeSat [1]
    The design of an analogue class-D audio amplifier using Z-domain methods [1]
    Design of an impedance guided intra-arterial catheter [1]
    The design of an optimal, dynamic, multi-hop telemetry network [1]
    Design of an RF ion thruster [1]
    Design of an Underwater Object Detection and Location System using Wide-Beam SONAR [1]
    Design of medium pressure nozzles for cooling towers [1]
    Design of tapered and straight stator pole switched reluctance machines [1]
    Design of the dual-shaped triple layer pillbox antenna [1]
    Design of tissue leaflets for a percutaneous aortic valve [1]
    Design Procedures for Series and Parallel Feedback Microwave DROs [1]
    A design programme for dilute phase pneumatic conveyors [1]
    Design waves for the South African coastline [1]
    Design, build and test a passive thermal system for a loft : a roof solar chimney application for South African weather conditions [1]
    Design, comparison and experimental evaluation of non-overlap winding radial flux permanent magnet hub drives for electric vehicles [1]