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    Aerodynamic optimisation of a small-scale wind turbine blade for low windspeed conditions [1]
    Agressive flight control techniques for a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle [1]
    Agricultural residue as a renewable energy resource [1]
    An air suspension cushion to reduce human exposure to vibration [1]
    Air turbine design study for a wave energy conversion system [1]
    Air-cooled condenser steam flow distribution and related dephlegmator design considerations [1]
    An aircraft based emulation platform and control model for LEO satellite antenna beam steering [1]
    An algorithm for fast optimal Latin hypercube design of experiments [2]
    Algorithmic component and system reliability analysis of truss structures [1]
    Alignment of a functional innovation strategy [1]
    Analysis and evaluation of brush-DC equivalent controlled multiphase cage induction machine drive [1]
    An analysis and comparison of two methods for UAV actuator fault detection and isolation [1]
    Analysis and design of a double-sided rotor iron-cored radial flux permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine generator [1]
    Analysis and design of a voltage regulator based on an AC-to-AC converter [1]
    Analysis and design of axial flux permanent magnet wind generator system for direct battery charging applications [1]
    Analysis and design of conical transmission line power combiners [1]
    Analysis and implementation of the speaker adaptation techniques : MAP, MLLR, and MLED [1]
    Analysis and modelling of mining induced seismicity [1]
    Analysis and synthesis algorithms for the electric screen Jauman electromagnetic wave absorber [1]
    Analysis and synthesis of an active resonant snubber for high-power IGBT converters [1]