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    The comparison of AC and DC alternatives for sub-transmission networks [1]
    A comparison of control systems for the flight transition of VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles [1]
    A comparison of Gaussian mixture variants with application to automatic phoneme recognition [1]
    A comparison of the performance of high-voltage insulator materials in a severely polluted coastal environment [1]
    Comparisons of the technical, financial risk and life cycle assessments of various processing options of sugercane bagasse to biofuels in South Africa [1]
    Computational and experimental investigation of chamber design and combustion process interaction in a spark ignition engine [1]
    A computational fluid dynamic analysis of the airflow over the keystone plant species, Azorella selago, on sub-antarctic Marion Island [1]
    Computational fluid dynamic modelling of an electric smelting furnace in the platinum recovery process [1]
    A computational fluid dynamics study of the near surface wind patterns over a desert dune and the effect on seed dispersion [1]
    Computational investigation of a crossed slot cavity-backed array antenna [1]
    Computational modelling of concrete footing rotational rigidity [1]
    Computer control of a metal bar bending press [1]
    Computerized design of solvents for extractive processes [1]
    The conceptual design and development of novel low cost sensors for measuring the relative light emission in the pre-millisecond stages of detonating explosive charges [1]
    Conceptual design of a fixture-based reconfigurable spot welding system [1]
    Conceptual design of a fixtureless reconfigurable automated assembly system [1]
    The conceptualisation, design and implementation of a national research and education network [1]
    Condition-based monitoring of natural draught wet-cooling tower performance-related parameters [1]
    Configurations of a piled row breakwater for a protected shallow water marina [1]
    Conflict detection and resolution for autonomous vehicles [1]