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    CFD analysis of solid-liquid-gas interactions in flotation vessels [1]
    CFD investigation of flow in and around a natural draft cooling tower [1]
    CFD investigation of the atmospheric boundary layer under different thermal stability conditions [1]
    CFD modelling of global mixing parameters in a Peirce-Smith converter with comparison to physical modelling [1]
    The CFD simulation of an axial flow fan [1]
    Change-point detection in dynamical systems using auto-associative neural networks [1]
    Characterisation and desalination of typical South African abalone farm effluent sea water [1]
    Characterisation and dynamic modelling of the behaviour of platinum group metals in high pressure sulphuric acid/oxygen leaching systems [1]
    Characterisation of a solar roof tile (SunSlates™) : with focus on local applicability and conditions [1]
    Characterisation of L-band differential low noise amplifiers [1]
    Characterisation of material properties and behaviour of cold bituminous mixtures for road pavements [1]
    Characterisation of model uncertainty for reliability-based design of pile foundations [1]
    The characterisation of South African sea storms [1]
    Characteristics of gas-liquid counterflow in inclined ducts with particular reference to reflux condensers [1]
    Characterization and optimization of an extractor-type catalytic membrane reactor for meta-xylene isomerization over Pt-HZSM-5 catalyst [1]
    Characterization of cracks on ultra thin continuously reinforced concrete pavements [1]
    Characterizing long wave agitation in the port of Ngqura using a Boussinesq wave model [1]
    Check weighing in table grape punnet packing: Opportunities in the development of operational effectiveness [1]
    Chemical and physical modification of wood based hemicelluloses for use in the pulp and paper industry [1]
    The chemical manipulation of meta-stable brine super-saturated with gypsum: forcing precipitation by overriding the inhibitory effect of antiscalants on crystal formation. [1]