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    Die uitdaging van volhoubare groei : 'n kritiese ondersoek na uitgewerstrategiee [1]
    Die uitreik van aandele ten einde verpligtinge na te kom : onkoste werklik aangegaan vir inkomstebelastingdoeleindes of nie [1]
    Uncertainty and private sector response to economic development policy in post-genocide Rwanda [1]
    Uncovering spirituality as a means to prevent managerial blind spots [1]
    Understanding barriers for pregnant women, especially those who might be HIV positive, to deliver at a clinic : a research case of Kuajok Health Care Clinic in Gogrial West County - Warrap State, South Sudan [1]
    Understanding ethics in sustainability transitions : towards social learning for sustainable food systems [1]
    Understanding finance to develop people [1]
    Understanding poverty and inequality in Mozambique : the role of education and labour market status [1]
    Unearthing the determinants required for off-grid subsistence : a case study [1]
    Unemployment and labour market (in)flexibility in South Africa [1]
    Urban agriculture : food for thought [1]
    Urban water security in the city of Windhoek [1]
    Usability within the digital battlefield : usability issues as applied to the digitised battlefield within a Southern African military context [1]
    USB creates new value for alumni [1]
    Die USB kry die Triple Crown [1]
    The use of innovative financing structures in facilitating BEE transactions in South Africa [1]
    Use of project management to achieve the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa's (ASGISA's) goals : housing projects [1]
    Use of scorecards in measuring the governance of public special schools [1]
    The use of the Brink model to assess Mozambique's political risk before and after major project investments [1]
    A user's guide for financial statements of African companies [1]