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    The participation of dedicated banks in the National Payment System as clearing and settlement banks [1]
    Participatory budgeting in the South African local government context : the case of the Mantsopa local municipality, Free State Province [1]
    Partner compensation and profit share models in law firms : a new approach [1]
    Partnerships between banks and government in the mobilisation of contractor finance : a case study [1]
    Passion versus profit [1]
    Patient and practitioner perceptions of promoters and inhibitors of health seeking behaviour among African men accessing HIV health services in Kwa-Zulu Natal [1]
    PCA and CVA biplots : a study of their underlying theory and quality measures [1]
    Peer education programmes in Soweto schools : employee perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and implementation challanges [1]
    Peer educators' utilisation of information on recognition and referral to refer their peers appropriately [1]
    Pension fund investment in unlisted companies as a means of stimulating economic growth in Namibia : risks and opportunities [1]
    Pension interest at divorce : a guide to the treatment of pension interest at divorce with reference to the history, the changes made to legislation, and the expected future outcome as based upon the current outstanding issues to be addressed by the legislature and the Minister of Finance [1]
    People management competitive practices in the new economy [1]
    The perceived credibility of electronic word-of-mouth communicaton on e-commerce platforms [1]
    Perceived stigma and discrimination is the cause for employees not to participate on the HIV/AIDS work programme. [1]
    The perception and experience of stigma and discrimination among HIV-positive people at Oshakati ARV Clinic in Oshana Region, Namibia [1]
    The perception of health care workers and HIV-positive clients of HIV/AIDS care and treatment centres in Kogi state, North-central Nigeria, about the integrated model of HIV/AIDS service delivery [1]
    The perception of non-marketing managers towards marketing ethics : an empirical investigation [1]
    The perception of parents in Zvishavane, regarding barriers preventing them from engaging with their children on HIV/AIDS issues [1]
    Perception of risk of HIV/AIDS among widows using the Ndlovu Medical Centre, Elandsdoorn, Limpopo Province [1]
    Perception of teachers to sexuality education in secondary schools in Gaborone, Botswana [1]