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    Labour market returns to educational attainment, school quality, and numeracy in South Africa [1]
    Lack of a support system for people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in the workplace : can emotional and psychosocial support assist them to cope better with their problems? [1]
    Leaders who serve the common good [1]
    A leadership and change management framework to facilitate strategy implementation [1]
    Leadership and democratisation : the case of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and Kim Dae-Jung in South Korea [1]
    Leadership behaviours for the successfull strategic repositioning of Sanlam [1]
    Leadership in the context of organisational change with reference to Caltex Refinery's Project Zero-Zero-One [1]
    Leadership initiatives and structure by the Church of Norway, within Norway, pertaining to HIV/AIDS [1]
    The leadership role of principals in managing HIV in primary schools in the Grahamstown District Area, Eastern Cape Province [1]
    Leadership shifts required to be successful in the new economy [1]
    Leadership theory and women as leaders : a critical overview of the theory and the reality in the context of the magazine publishing sector in South Africa [1]
    Leading somewhere [1]
    Leading tourism ventures : what are the characteristics that enable some small tourism enterpreneurs to succeed, while others fail? [1]
    Lean six sigma deployment and implementation strategies for MCG Industries (PTY) LTD. [1]
    Learners awareness of HIV/AIDS and their attitudes towards peer educators in Khayamandi High School [1]
    The learning organisation and productivity : a case study of the Athlone detective service [1]
    The legislative challenges of Islamic banks in South Africa [1]
    Leisurenet : a strategic analysis with reference to corporate governance as part of company strategy [1]
    Lerato’s hope : a blueprint for local church involvement in the HIV/AIDS pandemic [1]
    Lessons from good to great to enhance 1Time's operations and business sustainability [1]