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    I am a black woman living in South Africa : an autoethnography [1]
    ICT as an enabler for socio-economic development in South Africa [1]
    ICT convergence : impact on Namibian ICT operators [1]
    Idealised redesign : the South African Military Academy by the year 2030 [1]
    The identification and perceived importance of dimensions of managerial success for different levels of management [1]
    Identification of key target markets for intermodal freight transport solutions in South Africa [1]
    Die identifisering en evaluering van bestuursuksesdimensies op verskillende bestuursvlakke [1]
    Identifying risk factors amongst pupils of Groendal Secondary School that make them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS [1]
    Identifying the correlation between demographic variables and wine purchasing in the South African market [1]
    The ideological orientation and policy formulation of organised labour during a period of societal transition : a comparison of South Africa and Germany [1]
    'Ilima', 'Izithebe' and the 'Green Revolution' : a complex agro-ecological approach to understanding agriculture in Pondoland and what this means for sustainability through the creation of 'Living Landscapes' [1]
    Impact and implications of remittances : the case of Zimbabwe from 2000 - 2006 [1]
    The impact of a developmental assessment centre on managerial performance [1]
    The impact of beneficiary listing on housing project implementation [1]
    The impact of billboards on HIV and AIDS awareness in Zimbabwe [1]
    The impact of capital gains tax on estate planning : a practical decision making model for investing and estate planning [1]
    Impact of commodity markets on economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    Impact of community participation as part of standard project formalities and its effect on the project outcome [1]
    The impact of e-business on the competitive environment and value chain of South African financial services companies [1]
    The impact of e-mail utilisation on management effectiveness at Sishen iron ore mine [1]