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    The dangers of positional smugplacency : is a wave of destructive incompetence gathering momentum in the South African workplace? [1]
    Decentralisation for community development - a Rwanda Case study [1]
    A decision analysis model to optimise the feed strategy of a coal preparation plant [1]
    Decision support for generator maintenance scheduling in the energy sector [1]
    A decision support system for scheduling the harvesting and wine making processes at a winery [1]
    A decision support system to optimise the available resources at Kimberley Mines [1]
    Decision support with respect to facility location and fleet composition for FoodBank Cape Town [1]
    Decision-making factors of German tourists travelling to South Africa [1]
    Decoupling : natural resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth [1]
    Decoupling infrastructure services from unsustainable resource use : cases from Cape Town [1]
    The deductibility of indirect empowerment measures relating to black economic empowerment (BEE) in terms of the income tax act [1]
    Defining a retention strategy for pharmacists in the public sector in Kwa-Zulu Natal [1]
    Defining and mapping risk management [1]
    Defining and reducing the IT gap by means of comprehensive alignment [1]
    Defining key success criteria to measure project success for Warehouse management system implementations [1]
    A definition of project portfolio management based on a multiple perspective analysis [1]
    Delft SAPS as an instrument for community development [1]
    A deliverable sales strategy for Mercedes-Benz Claremont [1]
    Delivering peak performance through focused career management [1]
    Delivery of infrastructure development through public private partnerships : managing PPP procurement more efficiently [1]