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    13 Ways to turn people on [1]
    2006 survey of integrated sustainability reporting in South Africa : an investigative study of the companies listed on the JSE securities exchange all share index [1]
    2050 Scenarios for long-haul tourism in the evolving global climate change regime [1]
    3 USB students conquer mighty USA [1]
    Abstinence related training needs for youth in the context of HIV/AIDS in Newcastle Uniting Presbyterian Church [1]
    Academic staff perceptions and the identification of critical success factors in a merger of two academic institutions [1]
    Acceptability of medical male circumcision among uncircumcised young men at Mansa College of Education, Zambia : influence of perceptions about effects on male sexuality [1]
    Acceptability of the female condom by female health workers in Francistown, Botswana [1]
    Access to financial services in the long term insurance industry [1]
    Access to voluntary counselling and HIV testing services by Tonga Hospital employees [1]
    Accident compensation reform : the case of the motor vehicle accident fund of Namibia [1]
    Acid mine drainage in the Gauteng province of South Africa : a phenomenological study on the degree of alignment between stakeholders concerning a sustainable solution to acid mine drainage [1]
    Actions of female sex workers faced with condom failure during penetration sexual encounters with clients in Cape Town [1]
    Active investing versus index investing : an evaluation of investment strategies [1]
    Additions to the present USB database : income statements (1990-2000) : an exploratory study [1]
    Addressing application software package project failure : bridging the information technology gap by aligning business processes and package functionality [1]
    Addressing the challenge of complexity with the development of the performance "ESP" conceptual framework to guide sustainable organisational development [1]
    Addressing the incremental risks associated with adopting a Bring Your Own Device program by using the COBIT 5 framework to identify keycontrols [1]
    Adherence counselling improves adherence to antiretrovirals [1]
    Adherence to PMTCT antiretroviral therapy among HIV infected pregnant women in Area W Clinic, Francistown Botswana [1]