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    Investigation of the psychological factors determining the magnitude of auditory sensation [1]
    An investigation of the utilisation of condoms among patients on antiretroviral therapy at Aliwal North Hospital as a prevention method against HIV re-infection [1]
    An investigation of the volunteer tourism industry in Namibia with specific focus on nature conservation projects [1]
    An investigation on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the educators at King Williams Town schools – Eastern Cape, South Africa [1]
    An investigation on the responses of men to an HIV-positive diagnosis [1]
    An investigation on what needs to be done for grade seven learners of Shukumani Primary School to access more information on HIV and AIDS [1]
    An investigation to determine incremental risks to software as a service from a user’s perspective [1]
    An investigation to determine the extent to which the literature defines and endorses a proposed framework for a 'Practice of leadership' [1]
    Investigative case study on the experience of teachers of a coaching process [1]
    An investigative study assessing the success factors and hindrances in the effective resource mobilisation for a municipal entity in the Eastern Cape [1]
    Investing in a low inflation environment [1]
    Investment decisions in a changing South Africa from 1990 to 1999 (transition) : analysis of the decade of the 1990s [1]
    Die invloed van belastingpligtigheid op finansiele beplanning en strategie van landboukooperasies met klem op wintergraankooperasies in Wes-Kaapland [1]
    Die invloed van elektroniese handel op die toepaslikheid van die Wet op Belasting op Toegevoegde Waarde, no. 89 van 1991 [1]
    Die invloed van finansiele bestuur op entrepreneuriese gedrag in die kernbesigheid van akademiese instellings [1]
    Die invloed van Internet op die toepaslikheid van die bronreels in terme van die Inkomstebelastingwet, No. 58 van 1962 [1]
    Die invloed van kapitaalwinsbelasting op boedelbeplanning en boedelbelasting en die toepaslikheid van trusts in boedelbeplanning na die inwerkingtreding van Kapitaalwinsbelasting [1]
    Die invloed wat agtergrondmusiek in advertensies en tipe en vlak van betrokkenheid uitoefen op verbruikers se houding teenoor advertensie, houding teenoor handelsmerk en koopintensie [1]
    The involvement of community pharmacists in the syndromic approach to the management of sexually transmitted infections : a proposed best practice model [1]
    Involvement of family/household members of HIV positive women in family centered PMTCT : a study of a level one hospital in Limpopo province, South Africa [1]