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    • Preparation of new multiarmed RAFT agents for the mediation off vinyl acetate polymerization 

      Fleet R.; McLeary J.B.; Grumel V.; Weber W.G.; Matahwa H.; Sanderson R.D. (2007)
      In this study five xanthate (Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer (RAFT)/Macromolecular Design through Interchange of Xanthates (MADIX)) agents were synthesized, namely monofunctional, difunctional, trifunctional ...

    • RAFT mediated polysaccharide copolymers 

      Fleet, Reda (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006-12)
      Cellulose, one of the most abundant organic substances on earth, is a linear polymer of D-glucose units joined through 1,4-β-linkages. Cellulose is however not easily processed without chemical modification. A number of ...