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    • Relative roles of climatic suitability and anthropogenic influence in determining the pattern of spread in a global invader 

      Roura-Pascual N.; Hui C.; Ikeda T.; Leday G.; Richardson D.M.; Carpintero S.; Espadaler X.; Gomez C.; Guenard B.; Hartley S.; Krushelnycky P.; Lester P.J.; McGeoch M.A.; Menke S.B.; Pedersen J.S.; Pitt J.P.W.; Reyes J.; Sanders N.J.; Suarez A.V.; Touyama Y.; Ward D.; Ward P.S.; Worner S.P. (2011)
      Because invasive species threaten the integrity of natural ecosystems, a major goal in ecology is to develop predictive models to determine which species may become widespread and where they may invade. Indeed, considerable ...