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    • Analyzing power of the Ca40(p→,pα) reaction at 100 MeV 

      Neveling R.; Cowley A.A.; Buthelezi Z.; Fortsch S.V.; Fujita H.; Hillhouse G.C.; Lawrie J.J.; Steyn G.F.; Smit F.D.; Wyngaardt S.M.; Botha N.T.; Mudau L.; Ntshangase S.S. (2008)
      Analyzing powers have been measured for the Ca40(p→,pα)Ar36 reaction at an incident energy of 100 MeV for coplanar scattering angles corresponding to zero recoil momentum of the residual nucleus. Predictions based on the ...

    • Electric dipole moments in 230, 232U and implications for tetrahedral shapes 

      Ntshangase S.S.; Bark R.A.; Aschman D.G.; Bvumbi S.; Datta P.; Davidson P.M.; Dinoko T.S.; Elbasher M.E.A.; Juhasz K.; Khaleel E.M.A.; Krasznahorkay A.; Lawrie E.A.; Lawrie J.J.; Lieder R.M.; Majola S.N.T.; Masiteng P.L.; Mohammed H.; Mullins S.M.; Nieminen P.; Nyako B.M.; Papka P.; Roux D.G.; Sharpey-Shafer J.F.; Shirinda O.; Stankiewicz M.A.; Timar J.; Wilson A.N. (2010)
      The nuclei 230U and 232U were populated in the compound nucleus reactions 232Th(α,6n) and 232Th(α,4n), respectively. Gamma rays from these nuclei were observed in coincidence with a recoil detector. Acomprehensive set of ...