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    • International consensus on (ICON) pediatric asthma 

      Papadopoulos N.G.; Arakawa H.; Carlsen K.-H.; Custovic A.; Gern J.; Lemanske R.; Le Souef P.; Makela M.; Roberts G.; Wong G.; Zar H.; Akdis C.A.; Bacharier L.B.; Baraldi E.; Van Bever H.P.; De Blic J.; Boner A.; Burks W.; Casale T.B.; Castro-Rodriguez J.A.; Chen Y.Z.; El-Gamal Y.M.; Everard M.L.; Frischer T.; Geller M.; Gereda J.; Goh D.Y.; Guilbert T.W.; Hedlin G.; Heymann P.W.; Hong S.J.; Hossny E.M.; Huang J.L.; Jackson D.J.; De Jongste J.C.; Kalayci O.; Ait-Khaled N.; Kling S.; Kuna P.; Lau S.; Ledford D.K.; Lee S.I.; Liu A.H.; Lockey R.F.; Ladrup-Carlsen K.; Lotvall J.; Morikawa A.; Nieto A.; Paramesh H.; Pawankar R.; Pohunek P.; Pongracic J.; Price D.; Robertson C.; Rosario N.; Rossenwasser L.J.; Sly P.D.; Stein R.; Stick S.; Szefler S.; Taussig L.M.; Valovirta E.; Vichyanond P.; Wallace D.; Weinberg E.; Wennergren G.; Wildhaber J.; Zeiger R.S. (2012)
      Asthma is the most common chronic lower respiratory disease in childhood throughout the world. Several guidelines and/or consensus documents are available to support medical decisions on pediatric asthma. Although there ...