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    • Decay of Be6 populated in the Li6(He3,H3) charge-exchange reaction 

      Papka P.; Alvarez-Rodriguez R.; Nemulodi F.; Bark R.A.; Fox S.P.; Gal J.; Ibrahim T.T.; Kalinka G.; Kheswa N.Y.; Lawrie E.A.; Lawrie J.J.; Lieder E.O.; Lieder R.M.; Madiba T.E.; Molnar J.; Mullins S.M.; Newman R.T.; Nyako B.M.; Shirinda O.; Singo T.D.; Timar J. (2010)
      A complete kinematic measurement of the Li6(He3,H3)αpp reaction is performed at Elab=50MeV, to investigate the cluster structure of Be6. The energy and angular distributions of the breakup particles, emitted from the ground ...

    • Hybrid potential analysis of exotic clustering in heavy nuclei 

      Ibrahim T.T.; Perez S.M.; Wyngaardt S.M.; Buck B.; Merchant A.C. (2012)
      We generate a hybrid potential by combining the best features of a microscopic and a phenomenological core-cluster potential and use it to analyze the spectra, B(E2) transition rates, and the exotic decays of heavy even-even ...

    • Hybrid potential model of the α-cluster structure of Po212 

      Ibrahim T.T.; Perez S.M.; Wyngaardt S.M. (2010)
      Cluster-core potentials derived microscopically or phenomenologically each have some desirable features. We combine these features in an analysis of the properties of Po212 treated as an α-Pb208 system. © 2010 The American ...

    • The first candidate for chiral nuclei in the A~80 mass region: 80Br 

      Wang S.Y.; Qi B.; Liu L.; Zhang S.Q.; Hua H.; Li X.Q.; Chen Y.Y.; Zhu L.H.; Meng J.; Wyngaardt S.M.; Papka P.; Ibrahim T.T.; Bark R.A.; Datta P.; Lawrie E.A.; Lawrie J.J.; Majola S.N.T.; Masiteng P.L.; Mullins S.M.; Gal J.; Kalinka G.; Molnar J.; Nyako B.M.; Timar J.; Juhasz K.; Schwengner R. (2011)
      Excited states of 80Br have been investigated via the 76Ge(11B, α3n) and 76Ge(7Li, 3n) reactions and a new δI=1 band has been identified which resides ~ 400 keV above the yrast band. Based on the experimental results and ...

    • Transition and static moments of octupole-deformed heavy nuclei 

      Ibrahim T.T.; Wyngaardt S.M. (2011)