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    • The BIOTA Biodiversity Observatories in Africa-a standardized framework for large-scale environmental monitoring 

      Jurgens N.; Schmiedel U.; Haarmeyer D.H.; Dengler J.; Finckh M.; Goetze D.; Grongroft A.; Hahn K.; Koulibaly A.; Luther-Mosebach J.; Muche G.; Oldeland J.; Petersen A.; Porembski S.; Rutherford M.C.; Schmidt M.; Sinsin B.; Strohbach B.J.; Thiombiano A.; Wittig R.; Zizka G. (2012)
      The international, interdisciplinary biodiversity research project BIOTA AFRICA initiated a standardized biodiversity monitoring network along climatic gradients across the African continent. Due to an identified lack of ...