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    • Binary reaction decays from Mg24+C12 

      Beck C.; Papka P.; Zafra A.S.I.; Thummerer S.; Azaiez F.; Bednarczyk P.; Courtin S.; Curien D.; Dorvaux O.; Lebhertz D.; Nourreddine A.; Rousseau M.; Vol Oertzen W.; Gebauer B.; Wheldon C.; Kokalova Tz.; De Angelis G.; Gadea A.; Lenzi S.; Szilner S.; Napoli D.R.; Catford W.N.; Jenkins D.G.; Royer G. (2009)
      Charged-particle and γ decays in Mg24* are investigated for excitation energies where quasimolecular resonances appear in C12+C12 collisions. Various theoretical predictions for the occurrence of superdeformed and hyperdeformed ...