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    • HIV treatment as prevention : optimising the impact of expanded HIV treatment programmes 

      Delva, Wim; Eaton, Jeffrey W.; Meng, Fei; Fraser, Christophe; White, Richard G.; Vickerman, Peter; Boily, Marie-Claude; Hallett, Timothy B. (Public Library of Science (PLOS), 2012-07)
      Until now, decisions about how to allocate ART have largely been based on maximising the therapeutic benefit of ART for patients. Since the results of the HPTN 052 study showed efficacy of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in ...

    • HIV treatment as prevention : systematic comparison of mathematical models of the potential impact of antiretroviral therapy on HIV incidence in South Africa 

      Eaton, Jeffrey W.; Johnson, Leigh F.; Salomon, Joshua A.; Barnighausen, Till; Bendavid, Eran; Bershteyn, Anna; Bloom, David E.; Cambiano, Valentina; Fraser, Christophe; Hontelez, Jan A. C.; Humair, Salal; Klein, Daniel J.; Long, Elisa F.; Phillips, Andrew N.; Pretorius, Carel; Stover, John; Wenger, Edward A.; Williams, Brian G.; Hallett, Timothy B. (Public Library of Science -- PLOS, 2012-07)
      Background: Many mathematical models have investigated the impact of expanding access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) on new HIV infections. Comparing results and conclusions across models is challenging because models ...