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    • Multidimensional evaluation of managed relocation 

      Richardson D.M.; Hellmann J.J.; McLachlan J.S.; Sax D.F.; Schwartz M.W.; Gonzalez P.; Brennan E.J.; Camacho A.; Root T.L.; Sala O.E.; Schneider S.H.; Ashe D.M.; Clark J.R.; Early R.; Etterson J.R.; Fielder E.D.; Gill J.L.; Minteer B.A.; Polasky S.; Safford H.D.; Thompson A.R.; Vellend M. (2009)
      Managed relocation (MR) has rapidly emerged as a potential intervention strategy in the toolbox of biodiversity management under climate change. Previous authors have suggested that MR (also referred to as assisted ...