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  • Andries Botha's visit to the new Marion Island Base 

    Botha, Andries (Stellenbosch : Antarctic Legacy Project, 2009)
    Video footage of activities at Marion Island Base during Andries Botha's visit in 2009.

  • Funny hairstyle 

    Albertyn, Chris (Stellenbosch : Antarctic Legacy Project, 2011-10-05)
    G.C. Prinsloo, M11 team leader, posing with a new haircut given by one of his team members.

  • Marion Island 1958-1960 

    Van Zyl, Olof (Stellenbosch : Antarctic Legacy Project, 1958)
    Slideshow compiled by Olof van Zyl the meteorologist on M15 and M16, of his time spent at Marion Island.