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  • Boza, a natural source of probiotic lactic acid bacteria 

    Todorov S.D.; Botes M.; Guigas C.; Schillinger U.; Wiid I.; Wachsman M.B.; Holzapfel W.H.; Dicks L.M.T. (2008)
    Aims: To evaluate the probiotic properties of strains isolated from boza, a traditional beverage produced from cereals. Methods and Results: The strains survived low pH conditions (pH 3.0), grew well at pH 9.0 and were not ...

  • Probiotic properties of Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis HV219, isolated from human vaginal secretions 

    Todorov S.D.; Botes M.; Danova S.T.; Dicks L.M.T. (2007)
    Aims: To determine the resistance of Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis HV219 to acids, bile, antibiotics, inflammatory drugs and spermicides, compare adsorption of the strain to bacteria and Caco-2 cells under stress, and ...