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    • Rescattering in knockout reactions as manifested in 40Ca(p,p′ p″) at an incident energy of 392 MeV 

      Cowley A.A.; Arendse G.J.; Visser R.F.; Steyn G.F.; Fortsch S.V.; Lawrie J.J.; Pilcher J.V.; Noro T.; Baba T.; Hatanaka K.; Kawabata M.; Matsuoka N.; Mizuno Y.; Nomachi M.; Takahisa K.; Tamura K.; Yuasa Y.; Sakaguchi H.; Itoh T.; Takeda H.; Watanabe Y. (1998)
      The reaction 40Ca(p,p′ p″) was investigated at an incident energy of 392 MeV. The energy and angular distributions are found to be consistent in shape as well as in absolute magnitude with the prediction of a reaction ...