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    • Binary reaction decays from Mg24+C12 

      Beck C.; Papka P.; Zafra A.S.I.; Thummerer S.; Azaiez F.; Bednarczyk P.; Courtin S.; Curien D.; Dorvaux O.; Lebhertz D.; Nourreddine A.; Rousseau M.; Vol Oertzen W.; Gebauer B.; Wheldon C.; Kokalova Tz.; De Angelis G.; Gadea A.; Lenzi S.; Szilner S.; Napoli D.R.; Catford W.N.; Jenkins D.G.; Royer G. (2009)
      Charged-particle and γ decays in Mg24* are investigated for excitation energies where quasimolecular resonances appear in C12+C12 collisions. Various theoretical predictions for the occurrence of superdeformed and hyperdeformed ...

    • Search for the giant pairing vibration through (p,t) reactions around 50 and 60 MeV 

      Mouginot B.; Khan E.; Neveling R.; Azaiez F.; Buthelezi E.Z.; Fortsch S.V.; Franchoo S.; Fujita H.; Mabiala J.; Mira J.P.; Papka P.; Ramus A.; Scarpaci J.A.; Smit F.D.; Stefan I.; Swartz J.A.; Usman I. (2011)
      The existence of the giant pairing vibration (GPV) in Sn120 and Pb208 was investigated using the (p,t) reaction at incident proton energies of 50 MeV and 60 MeV for the scattering angles 0° and 7°. No clear signature for ...