• Laser-driven radiation sources in the ALPHA-X project 

      Wiggins S.M.; Gallacher J.G.; Schlenvoigt H.-P.; Schwoerer H.; Welsh G.H.; Issac R.C.; Brunetti E.; Vieux G.; Shanks R.P.; Cipiccia S.; Anania M.P.; Manahan G.G.; Aniculaesei C.; Subiel A.; Grant D.W.; Reitsma A.J.W.; Ersfeld B.; Islam M.R.; Jaroszynski D.A. (2011)
      The Advanced Laser-Plasma High-Energy Accelerators towards X-rays (ALPHA-X) programme is developing laserplasma accelerators for the production of ultra-short electron bunches with subsequent generation of high brilliance, ...
    • Target characterization by PIXE, alpha spectrometry and X-ray absorption 

      Kheswa N.Y.; Papka P.; Pineda-Vargas C.A.; Newman R.T. (2011)