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    • Probabilistic description of vegetation ecotones using remote sensing 

      De Klerk, H. M.; Burgess, N. D.; Visser, V. (Elsevier, 2018-07)
      Ecotone transitions between vegetation types are of interest for understanding regional diversity, ecological processes and biogeographical patterns. Ecotones are seldom represented on vector, line-based vegetation maps, ...

    • Free satellite data key to conservation 

      Buchanan, G. M.; Beresford, A. E.; Hebblewhite, M.; Escobedo, F. J.; De Klerk, H. M.; Donald, P. F.; Escribano, P.; Koh, L. P.; Martínez-Lopez, J.; Pettorelli, N.; Skidmore, A. K.; Szantoi, Z.; Tabor, K.; Wegmann, M.; Wich, S. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018-07)
      INTRODUCTION: Biodiversity is in crisis, with extinction rates orders of magnitude higher than background levels (1). Underfunded conservationists need to target their limited resources effectively. Over the past ...